Partners of the Expedition

This page is dedicated  to organisations that have helped make this journey a reality. 

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The Long Riders Guild

The Long Riders' Guild is the world's first international association of equestrian explorers, and is an invitation-only organisation. It was formed in 1994 to represent men and women of all nations who have ridden more than 1,000 continuous miles on a single equestrian journey.

With members in 48 countries, the Long Riders Guild has helped organise countless expeditions on every continent except Antarctica.

The Long Riders' Guild has supported this expedition from the very beginning. The founder of the guild, CuChullaine O'Reilly, and his wife Basha O'Reilly, as well as other long riders across the world, have provided their knowledge, expertise and support at every corner from the very conception of this idea.

Россия PRO

Россия PRO is a modern magazine about those who dare to dream and make their dreams come true. About people and projects that change the world.

The magazine will exclusively cover this journey in both English and Russian.

Muus Khaya

The Muus Khaya restaurant complex was opened in 2006 and for many years it has been pleasing with its national cuisine not only residents of Yakutsk, but also visiting guests. The general director of the restaurant is entrepreneur Egor Petrovich Makarov, the founder and owner of the well-known brand "Pure Water". The idea of ​​creating the RC "Muus Khaya" arose from him as a need to familiarize young people with spiritual culture, instill respect for the traditions and customs of the Yakut people, maintain interest and develop knowledge about their native land. The design of the restaurant is made with elements of national attributes, which attracts the keen interest of not only foreign and nonresident citizens, but also local residents who want to adequately represent their native land. The restaurant's menu is based on the best traditions of Yakut cuisine, using high-quality, environmentally friendly local products

National Centre of Equestrian Tourism 

The National Centre for Equestrian Tourism is a public association whose main activity is the development and promotion of equestrian tourism in Russia. In its ranks it unites fans of equestrian tourism, horse owners and equestrian clubs in more than 20 regions of Russia.

NCET provides consultations on the organization of horse trips and horse field trips, the organization of horse tourist trails, competitions in equestrian tourism technology (TREC), develops classifications of horse routes. Forms and maintains a rating of athletes, instructors, judges and equestrian tourism coaches. Publishes a collection of classified horse trails (journeys) in the Russian Federation.


Ice Indigo® is the quintessence of modern design and Russian innovation developments.

Ice Indigo® is developed by the Russian Research and Production Center "Extreme" (Scientific and Research Center "Extreme"). The center is specialized in the development of modern equipment and equipment for researchers, military, rescue workers, athletes.

The Center developments meet the highest requirements for reliability and fail-safety imposed by the specialists to ensure safety in difficult natural and extreme climatic conditions.

The materials and outfit created by the Center comply with the technical requirements necessary for operation in the Arctic, Antarctic, Space conditions.