One world - One journey. The Last Great Journey extended.

During the last year, I have been working closely with the Long Riders' Guild on the extension of my journey. The journey was initially planned to be the first ocean to ocean equestrian expedition across Eurasia. However, I kept thinking about "what happens after?".

In light of this, in March 2020 I made the decision to extend the journey to the first around the world equestrian expedition. For the last year, only those close to me and the project knew about this decision, but now I can publicly announce that the journey will have two segments. Ocean to ocean across Eurasia will be the first segment, with the second segment being ocean to ocean across North America before I return to Russia to finish the world ride. Combined, these two segments will be make "The Last Great Journey".

The famous Long Rider Bonnie Folkins, who has completed several expeditions in Mongolia and Kazakhstan, will be my main mentor for the second segment of my journey. Whilst I cannot reveal the exact specifics of my route, I plan to ride from Halifax to Vancouver, approximately 6000km.

Whilst I can officially announce the extension of my journey, my focus remains on the first segment. After all, there is a difficult 15,000km standing between Magadan and London. I believe that our potential has no limits unless we set ourselves those limits by convincing ourselves that we cannot do something.

The motto for the journey around the world is simple: One world. One journey.

Stay tuned for more information...

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